Quick Facts about CCHS


Academic Excellence

  • Each year, students take the End of Course Assessments (ECA) in Algebra I, English 10, and Biology tests as required by the State of Indiana.
  • All Indiana schools are assigned a letter grade (A thru F) based on student performance on standardized tests and their academic growth rate from year to year. For more information, click here. The Career & College Readiness component has been rectified beginning with the Class of 2014.
  • 56 course offerings (includes 4 Dual Credit classes)
  • 88% of students continue their education after high school, with over 78% attending college or university
  • ACT Composite score
    • 24.0% since 1999
    • 24.1% for Class of 2014

Student Development

  • A key component of student development takes place during "Service Week" each year. Students are given the opportunity to learn about their future life of service in God's Kingdom through various service opportunities. For more information, click the link above.
  • Each student is required to compete an additional 12 hours of service during the school year.

Class Size

  • CCHS has 106 students enrolled for the 2014-2015 school year
  • Average class size is 16.5 students
  • Average student:teacher (FTE) ratio is 15:1


  • All full-time teachers are degreed and certified
  • Teachers have been teaching for an average of 12.4 years

Extra-curricular opportunities

  • Athletics: 4 sports for boys; 6 sports for girls
  • Fine Arts: Band and Choir is offered; Fall play and Spring musical
  • Standing student committees: (chapel, student council, yearbook)
  • Clubs such as book club and chess. (These will vary from year to year according to student interest.)

School hours

  • 9th grade thru 12the grade 7:50 am - 2:50 pm
  • Wednesday start is delayed by 30 minutes


  • Some parents arrange to drop off and pick up their students
  • Students are permitted to drive to school
  • The Kankakee Valley (KV) School Corporation provides service within Jasper County for certain students. In addition CCHS runs a bus that could provide transportation for students depending on your location.