Admissions Information


Covenant Christian High School


We welcome your inquiry regarding Covenant Christian High School. We trust that you will find the accompanying information helpful .

We believe Christian education to be a process where home, church, and school all work together and all are proceeding the same direction. With that in mind we need to know about you, in the same manner as you need to know about Covenant Christian High School.

Below is a brief description of the  process that we would follow if you decide to make formal application for enrollment at Covenant Christian High School.

  1. Parents would complete and return the Application for Enrollment in its entirety.
  2. Your Pastor complete and return the Pastor's Recommendation Form.
  3. School officials, where your child has been attending school, would complete and return the Student Information Form.
  4. After all forms are received by Covenant  Christian High School the Administrator will contact you to schedule a formal interview. (Where applicable.)
  5. The Education Committee would then make a recommendation to the School Board. The options are to make a recommendation for full admission; a recommendation for conditional admission or to make no recommendation.
  6. The School Board normally meets the first Tuesday of each month.

Families Enrolling A Sibling of a Current Student

Parents submit the Student Information Form to School officials, where your child has been attending school, and ask them to complete and return the Covenant Christian High School.

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