Tax Credit Scholarship (SGO)

Tax Credit Scholarship Guidelines

The Tax Credit Scholarship is funded by donations of individuals and corporations to designated non-profit educational scholarship granting organizations (SGO) in the state of Indiana. Those that donate, receive a 50% tax credit of the amount of their gift. Gifts may be designated to a specific school that qualifies for the program. The cap for this fund is $5 million. Each school determines the size of the scholarship.

To qualify for the Tax Credit Scholarship, the student must:
1. be an Indiana resident,
2. be new enrollees entering in grades Kindergarten – 12th grade,
3. meet the family income eligibility guidelines .

Schools eligible to participate in the program must:
1. be located in Indiana,
2. have a tuition,
3. voluntarily participate,
4. be accredited by Indiana or another approved accrediting agency,
5. take a state test or other approved norm-referenced test.

Presently, Covenant Christian High School offers a $500 tax credit scholarship to all qualifying students.

To Apply:

1. Complete a Institute for Quality Education Application Form

2. Return the completed Application to the Covenant Christian High School Office

3. Attached a copy of your 2013 tax return with your AGI and your signature and complete the Income Verification Form