The yearbook committee of Covenant Christian High School is very excited about the yearbook that was just completed.  We have started using a new, online program called Y is for Yearbook.  This yearbook and the next will feature a hardover and color on every page!

However, yearbooks requires a lot of money.  Every year, the yearbook committee has to go around selling ad space to local businesses to pay for the yearbook.  Yet, due to this hard economic time, many businesses are unable to pay for the ad space.  We are asking for your help to keep the committee going and the yearbooks comming. If you are able to help, give a free will donation to the Covenant office.

There is a new website that allows for total picture access for any Covenant family.  Say you are at a sporting event & you got a great pic that needs to be shared.  Go on eShare and upload your pictures.  Yearbook committee will be able to see and download the pictures you put up!  Log onto using the password 7018595

Contact the Covenant Christian yearbook committee at